WAXPOL™ Windshield Cleaner

WAXPOL™ Windshield Cleaner

WAXPOL™ Windshield Cleaner

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A specially formulated highly effective concentrate designed for better driving visibility. It cleans and protects the Windshield and Headlamp from rain, bugs, and grime by eradicating blinding film in seconds.
It provides quick & intensive cleaning while removing smear marks and reducing mist formation for sparkling anti fogging properties with crystal clear visibility while also lubricating wiper blades and the fluid pumping system. Suitable for use with fan spray nozzles and ideal for high quality XENON-headlights and plastic anti-glare headlights in clear glass optics as it does not induce stress cracks or blind spots in anti-glare headlights. Use as a 60% concentrate for anti-freeze properties in winter, it improve driving visibility during the rain.

Waxpol Wind shield and head lamp cleaner provides clear view of the road and is considered essential to safe driving. 100 ml of this product is enough for dilution with one litre of water and 200 ml is enough for dilution with two litres of water.


Dilute Concentrate with 2 L water in normal condition and fill in water reservoir.

• Quick and intensive cleaning of windscreen.
• Sparkling finish and clear visibility.
• Reduces Mist formation & removes smear mark.
• Lubricates wiper blade.
• 60% concentrate for Anti-freeze properties in extreme winter.

N.B: Wipe and clean areas NOT covered by wiper blade


100ml & 200ml


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